The European University EPICUR is an ambitious EU-funded project to build an innovative and attractive European university through an alliance of nine universities. Our vision is to create a university experience that prepares well-informed, open-minded and responsible European citizens, capable of creating new knowledge and becoming drivers of transnational innovation. This means that the way we teach, learn, conduct research or develop innovation must take into account societal challenges, academic and technological developments and pedagogical innovation. Since the launch of the ambitious EPICUR project, the nine partner universities have been jointly experimenting with different approaches to multilingualism and European linguistic diversity, student-centred learning and collaborative teaching, as well as new forms of mobility (physical, virtual, blended) and new pedagogies via the EPICUR (virtual) campus.

Find out now about the Learning Pathways courses and training offered for the academic year 2022/2023 open to all students of the EPICUR alliance *. Alongside the successful European Language Learning Pathways and LAS-inspired courses, EPICUR is proudly presenting a new Learning Pathway in Sustainable Food Systems as well as new European Tracks

In the academic year 2022-2023, EPICUR is piloting new teaching and learning formats in European Languages & Cultures, Liberal Arts & Sciences, and Entrepreneurship. Don’t hesitate to check these out and apply for the Language & Culture Learning Pathways, Liberal Arts & Sciences courses and Entrepreneurial Labs of your choice!

Please note that there are two application rounds:

  • Round 1 starts 16 May and ends 13 June 2022 (European Tracks/Missions extended to 27 June 2022)
  • Round 2 starts 24 August and ends 18 September
Not all EPICUR offerings will be available in round 2 as certain Learning Pathways and courses may already be filled up after round 1. For round 2 an updated overview will be available, listing the available courses and number of available spots.

(*) according to the criteria defined for each Learning Pathway or course.