EPICUR European University is an ambitious EU-funded project aiming at building an attractive innovative European university by an alliance comprising eight universities. Our vision is to create a university experience to prepare well-informed, open-minded and responsible European citizens capable of creating new knowledge and becoming drivers of transnational innovation. This means that the way we teach, we learn, we carry out research or develop innovation should embrace societal challenges, academic and technological developments and educational innovation.

Since the start of the ambitious EPICUR project, all eight partner universities are jointly experimenting with different approaches in multilingualism and European linguistic diversity, in student-centred learning and collaborative teaching, and in new forms of mobility (physical, virtual, blended) via the (virtual) EPICUR Inter-University Campus.

In the academic year 2021-2022, EPICUR is piloting new teaching and learning formats in European Languages & Cultures, Liberal Arts & Sciences, and Entrepreneurship. Don’t hesitate to check these out and apply for the Language & Culture Learning Pathways, Liberal Arts & Sciences courses and Entrepreneurial Labs of your choice!